Top Useful Tips For Travelling By Plane

Airplanes are no longer a luxury vehicle, especially with the apperance of a number of low-cost carriers. More and more people are choosing this fast and safe vehicle to travel. Air travel is much safer than travel by car or motorbike. In terms of both air and car travel, air travel is often more secure. According to Forbes magazine, each year, aviation safety is improving at an extremely fast pace.

However, it is easy to travel by plane but it is difficult as well because aviation is the most strictest security industry. Especially, if this is the first time you travel by plane, you will need to well-prepare before the trip. Below are top tips when travelling by plane:

– Search for low-cost carriers if you can through official websites. However, if you choose this type of carrier, you cannot cancel or return the air-tickets in any cases. You can change your date trip but you will have to pay the extra fees.

– Pack simply and wisely. Prepare important documents (passport, visa, card, photos) and necessary items (clothes, phone, charger, first-aid kit,…). Pay careful attention to the limitation of liquid that you can bring in your hand luggage.

– Pack a pillow or small blanket if you have a long flight.

– Limit contact lens wear during a flight because your eyes might dry out due to the dry atmosphere on board. Therefore, it is necessary to bring eye drop along with you.

– Avoid flying with tinnitus (hearing loss) by chewing gum.

– Do not drink carbonated water to avoid indigestion.

– You should not abuse alcoholic beverages for a variety of reasons. First, the atmosphere in the airplane is really dry, which increases the water loss in the body. Second, alcohol makes oxygen saturation in the blood weaker, leading to drowsiness. There is also the opinion that people drunk faster alcohol when drinking alcohol. It is better not to drink alcohol before and during the flight.

– Be aware of your health before travelling by plane. If you have a cold or a common flu, remember to bring your medicine.

– Do not try to post photos during the flight. Signals from your device may interfere with the navigation system’s antenna, so pilots may not be able to receive information from air traffic controllers.

– Wear your most comfortable clothes.